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Latisse Cleveland

Latisse Cleveland

Have you tried every mascara possible to make your eyelashes grow? Are you using fake lashes to give you that full lash look? Are you tired of the steps you must take just to put the fake lashes on? Then you need to try something different. We here at the Dermatologic Surgery Center have a treatment that will help give you the lashes you have been wanting. The new treatment is called Latisse! Latisse Cleveland is a new product that we offer at Dermatologic Surgery Center for our patients who want to try something different when it comes to their lashes.

latisse Cleveland

*Results will vary

What is Latisse?

Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment that repairs and grows lashes, for people that have inadequate lashes. Latisse is used to help make the eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.

Latisse Cleveland

*Individual results will vary

How do you use Latisse?

Lastisse is a medicine prescribed by a doctor. It consists of a dropper and an applicator. According to the instructions, patients must put on the medication daily. The medication must be applied for 8 weeks, after which is a maintenance schedule of every other day.

Patients must use the applicator to put a drop of the medication on the lash line. Make sure the medicine remains on the lash line because if the drops get into the eye it can cause brown discoloration. There is no need to put Latisse on the bottom half of your lashes because when you blink the medicine will travel to that area.

What if I skip a day of using Latisse?

If you forget to apply Latisse one day, don’t freak out, but also don’t put double the usage the next day. Just continue to put on the regular usage the following day. To make it easy on yourself make applying Latisse a part of your evening routine, such as flossing your teeth or taking a shower.

Will my lashes grow faster if I apply Lastisse twice a day?

If you are using Latisse Cleveland more than once a day it will not make your lashes grow faster, so please follow the correct instructions.

What are the effects?

The effects of using Latisse is your lashes will grow. Patients who have had the treatment done noticed a difference when it comes to their lashes growth. This treatment helps your lashes stay full and strong. But if you stop using Latisse the effects on your lashes might be the opposite.

Why Latisse?

If you are tired of falling for every mascara that claims your lashes will grow, then Latisse is the treatment for you. If you are done paying extra cash for lash extensions or dread the process of putting on fake lashes, Latisse is the answer for you. Latisse will help you get those beautiful lashes you have wanted.

Latisse Cleveland

*Individual results will vary

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