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Lip Injections Cleveland

One of the most in-demand treatments in the cosmetic industry is without a doubt, lip injections. Everyone is after the perfect pout with full, shapely lips. This generation is really taking to it because it’s FDA approved, meaning it’s proven to work. Our facility near Cleveland, Ohio is offering lip injections to aide those that are seeking plump, kissable lips!

lip injections cleveland

How it works

Lip injections are completed with fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane. These are fillers made from hyaluronic acid (or HA). HA is a component that exists in the body already, thus is perfectly safe. The consistency is gel-like so that it attracts water and sits under the injection site to provide volume. The treatment is time efficient and causes little to no discomfort. The injections are short and quick; they also contain lidocaine which allows for a more pleasant, pain-free experience.


Lip Injections take a short while to heal. The process may take a week or so. The reason why this treatment take a little longer to heal than other filler treatments, is because the lips will swell after the initial injections. The healing process consists of waiting for the lips to settle into their new shape, without swelling or tenderness. Other effects may include redness, soreness and irritation. Effects should be short-term and minimal. The specialist or doctor can give you pre and post treatment care instructions to help the healing process and reduce risk.

Juvederm is the longest lasting dermal filler, providing results for up to a year! You can enjoy your full lips without consistent upkeep throughout the year, then come back for touch-ups. If you want more volume then you may require more than one treatment session to achieve the desired look.

lip injections cleveland


If you’d like to learn more about lip injections and whether or not they’re right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation today! The consultation appointment is an important time to discuss a treatment plan and address any questions you have regarding the treatment.

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