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prp treatments medina

PRP Treatments

If you have seen the bloody-faced celebrities claiming awesome cosmetic benefits in the media, you must be familiar with PRP. PRP Treatments are all the rage, with supporters like Kim Kardashian swearing they help enhance the skin. Come get your ‘Vampire Facial’ or PRP treatments Medina at Dermatologic Surgery Center. We know how to carefully collect & handle blood to minimize the risk of infection and maximize the healing & cosmetic benefits.

What is PRP?

Often compared to stem cells, PRP is regenerative medicine technology that uses nutrient-dense platelet-rich plasma capable of restoring health through healing the face, neck or scalp.  Often administered as an injection, we can deliver PRP treatments topically to aid problematic skin, such as acne scars, surgical scars and bald patches. PRP has been used for years for healing purposes post-injury and even to treat burn victims.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

We can perform PRP treatments anywhere on the body but we usually apply on the face, neck, or scalp, depending on the treatment goal (acne scars, surgical scars, hair loss, etc).

prp treatments medina

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How Do PRP Treatments Benefit the Skin?*

Whether you have wrinkles or severe scars, you can minimize their appearance through a PRP treatment which can actively restore skin to a healthier state. PRP treatments Medina can also address volume loss in the hands, face and neck, especially crepey skin that is paper-thin, such as the under-eye area. The treatments may even scale back stretch marks and fill in the pits so characteristic of acne scarring.*

What are Platelets’ Role in the Body?

Platelets are important components of blood that play a huge role in clotting, an important healing response. They help to stop bleeding and repair damaged blood cells and vessels. What makes platelets cosmetically useful is their growth factors, which can trigger new cell growth and rejuvenate existing cells. Basically, PRP treatments Medina are biologically-derived, minimally-invasive approaches for addressing skin problems, such as waning collagen.

prp treatments medinaHow Long Do PRP Treatments Take?

Despite their medical ingenuity, PRP treatments only require about 20 minutes of your time. The medical professional will first draw your blood and then spin it down in a centrifuge at a speed optimal for retrieving fibrin and platelets. After this centrifugation process, she will extract the platelet-rich plasma and use it to rejuvenate your skin!

How Long Do Results Take to Show Up?

If you’re eager to see overnight results, PRP treatments aren’t for you. However, you can expect gradual improvement in the treated area(s) over the next couple of weeks following the procedure. Around the first month to two month mark, you should see your full results. They can last as long as 18 months.*

What are Side Effects?

PRP treatments are incredibly safe provided there is utmost safety while handling blood. Unlike fillers, risk for an allergic reaction is next to none, since PRP comes from your own blood. We take patient safety seriously and limit risk for cross-contamination by upholding strict standards.

prp treatments medina

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Who Should Consider PRP Treatments Medina?

If you’re concerned about other cosmetic treatments due to synthetic makeup, you may consider PRP treatments. They are naturally effective at volumizing the face or treating and reducing the appearance of fine lines and scars.* While these procedures can have variable effectiveness depending on area of administration and intended patient goals, PRP treatments create great results, especially when repeated at least two to three times three to four months apart.

How is PRP different from Dermal Fillers?

PRP can help build tissue over time because platelets work inside the body as a recognized agent inside the body. In contrast to foreign substances that are hyaluronic acid-based fillers (think Juvederm) or collagen-based fillers (think Radiesse), PRP is blood from your own body. This isn’t to conclude dermal fillers are unsafe, but they’re not for everyone, especially if you’re allergic to any component inside them. Plus, PRP builds tissue; the body breaks down fillers over time.

What Do PRP Treatments Do, in Summary?

PRP treatments Medina can help generate a new foundation of collagen.* In this way, they can safely complement many other cosmetic treatments. When combined with dermal fillers, patient outcomes are very positive. It depends on your goals and why you are interested in the treatments in the first place. If you’re fighting acne scars, a combination of PRP and microneedling for acne scars might be effective. We will work with you to craft a plan customized to your needs.

prp treatments medina

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How Do PRP Treatments Address Hair Loss?

If you’re balding, you’re not alone. Alopecia areata (hair loss) is a common condition and shouldn’t harm your self-image. An effective treatment for hair loss is a PRP injection. We can also prescribe medications such as Minoxidil, so we can find the regimen or procedure that will work for you.

prp treatments medina

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What Should I Know Regarding Acne Scars?

Acne scars are depressions in the skin (atrophic scars) or raised clumps of accumulated tissue (hypertrophic scars) created through previous bouts of acne. Contrary to popular belief, they are not permanent and can fade with PRP treatments. If you notice your acne scars have become more apparent with age, this may be due to declining collagen in your skin.

We recommend you clear your acne prior to treatment for acne scars, that way you don’t unintentionally get more acne scars following your acne scar treatment. Deeper scars may benefit from filler.

Why Should I Address Surgical Scars?

Did you know that scars increase your risk of skin cancer? Scars make your skin more vulnerable. This reality drives home the need to wear sunscreen and clothing over scars. But another way to deal with scars is to rebuild/restructure collagen with PRP. Besides, they can be aesthetically unpleasing. Whatever your reason for pursuing PRP treatments, trust the experts at Dermatologic Surgery Center to help you achieve your desired skin.

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