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As we get older we go through many changes. Some changes happen that we can’t stop from happening. Many of them are inevitable, such as wrinkles! Wrinkles come and unfortunately, they don’t usually go. But that is not the case when it comes to Dermatologic Surgery Center of Northern Ohio! We at Dermatologic Surgery Center of Northern Ohio provide several types of dermal fillers that will help treat wrinkles, such as Radiesse Cleveland. Radiesse is a filler for wrinkles, which adds volume to the skin. It adds volume underneath the skin. Radiesse Cleveland may help address the wrinkles and facial folds problem. There are many types of dermal fillers that treat wrinkles but Radiesse Cleveland does so much more.

Radiesse Cleveland

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is used to help plump up the skin. Its main goal is to focus not just on facial wrinkles, but facial folds as well. The FDA-approved injectable is also used to help plump the skin that is in the back of the hands, because sometimes some people lose volume in their hands.

What is the Radiesse procedure?

Like previously stated Radiesse Cleveland is an injectable. It is made of Calcium Hydroxylapatite microspheres.  It is injected under the skin by a small needle. When it is inserted under the skin it adds volume and corrects any damages. The dermal filler adds volume to the skin, giving the skin a fuller glowing look. Radiesse also uses collagen that comes from the body. Radiesse goal is to give a person a natural look and provide smoother skin. *

Where can Radiesse be injected?

Radiesse Cleveland can be inserted in different areas of the face such as:

  • Smile lines: the lines that appear from the corners of the mouth to the corners of the nose*
  • Marionette lines: the lines that are at the corners of your mouth and run down*
  • Corners of the mouth: If the lines are downward and make it look like you are constantly frowning*
  • Pre-jowl fold: The chin area where the skin sags due to aging skin*
  • Chin wrinkles: Lines that are horizontal that can be made on your chin*

Radiesse Cleveland

What does Radiesse Cleveland treat?

  • Frown Lines*
  • Smile Lines*
  • Cheek Improvement*
  • Lip Augmentation*
  • Chin Reshaping*
  • Vocal Cord Correction*
  • Jaw Line Contouring*

What are the results?

Depending on the individual, results of Radiesse Cleveland may be different for each person. The dermal filler may last a year, but it depends on the patient. After the procedure the gel is taken in and the body absorbs Calcium Hydroxylapatite microspheres, which only leaves the collagen that was made from your body. *

Who shouldn’t use Radiesse Cleveland?

If you are allergic to Radiesse or to anything it is composed of you should not get this dermal filler. Also, you shouldn’t get Radiesse if your allergies are severe or if you suffer from a bleeding disorder. Women should not get Radiesse if they are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary


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