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dermatologist reviews medina

Dermatologist Reviews Medina*

At DSC, you are in the hands of professionals well versed in the field of dermatology. We are deliberate about who we allow to represent our organization. All our staff are exacting in their practice and uphold the highest professional standards.

Need outside perspectives? See our dermatologist reviews Medina! Hear from our former patients. We are accountable to every person that graces our general dermatology office.

Long-time patient, Matt D, has entrusted DSC with his own and his children’s care for years. He says:*

If you are looking for a Dermatologist whose knowledge is encyclopedic, treats you like family, and takes the time to be caring even while maintaing [sic] a very efficient clean office, then the Dermatologic Surgery Center is the place you should consider visiting.

Sally D. gave DSC 5 stars on Facebook. She shares how reassuring the office experience is, even for a newcomer:*

I really liked the way everyone explained exactly what it was they were going to do. They are very busy but worth the wait when you get into the room. Pretty decor and so clean and spotless.

Joe C. experienced the Mohs surgery with DSC. Recognizing that life sometimes puts a person in such a predicament, he states:*

Dr. Popovsky is the consummate professional. You can trust anything she does.
Her staff is very proficient and attentive to your needs.

Lastly, Harry P., another beloved patient, has something to say. He comments:*

Superb techniques, excellent communication, outstanding acre [sic] and concern for patient … thoroughly impressed.

At DSC, we take pride in treating every prospective, short-term, or long-term patient as if they were a loved one requiring treatment. We never turn away a patient for fear of not being able to serve their every need. No challenge is too formidable. In fact, we grow our practice through our patients, who come from all walks of life and have diverse skin concerns.

Trust in DSC

Interested? Schedule a consultation. We will thoroughly address your concerns. Our holistic model incorporates your past, present, and future skin care concerns. It is often that patients come in with the intention to solve a dermatological problem and then learn about the many benefits our cosmetic services confer, branching out their own intentions.

We inform each patient on the kinds of skin care concerns they should be looking for so that when they walk out of the office, they are educated in the most pressing concerns that may directly impact their skin. We do not operate from a top-down model. Using a collaborative learning model, we learn from you as much as you learn from us. Good healthcare, in our opinion, has the patient-provider relationship at the core. Without such a foundation of trust, we cannot practice dermatology in its excellence.

*Individual results may vary.

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