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Latisse Treatment

Do you desire beautiful, long lashes but have difficulty getting yours to grow? Are you resorting to fake lashes with detrimental glue or individual lashes that can damage the few lashes you have? Well before you repeat the cycle, how about trying a different approach? There is a new treatment that can help you realize your dream of long and healthy lashes. It is called Latisse! Latisse® is a new product that we offer at the Dermatologic Surgery Center to assist our clients with their needs. So, come into our clinic today in Medina and our staff will assist you in your aesthetics journey.

What Is Latisse?

Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment that repairs and grows lashes, for people that have inadequate lashes.

How Does Latisse Work?

Latisse is a doctor-prescribed medicine delivered using a dropper and an applicator. As per the instructions, patients must apply this medication daily for 8 weeks; after which is a maintenance schedule of every other day.

latisse medina

latisse medina

Individual Results May Vary*

Per the instructions, patients must use the applicator to put a drop of the medication along the lash line. While it will not be harmful if it gets inside the eye, it is important to keep the medication along the lash line, as repeated drops into the eyes may result in brown discoloration. It is not necessary to apply the medication along the bottom half of the lashes. Because the medication travels to the bottom half when blinking.

What Are the Effects?

The effect of Latisse is significant lash growth. Patients who use this treatment notice a significant percentage of lash growth. They are also stronger and thicker. However, it is important to keep using Latisse to maintain these results. While taking this treatment, your lashes will stay strong and full. However, discontinued use of Latisse may reverse the effects on your lashes.

latisse medina

Individual Results May Vary*

Why Should You Get Latisse?

Latisse is a good treatment for people who are tired of spending money to enhance their lashes. If you’re tired of applying false lashes day after day or paying for expensive lash extensions, then this treatment is right for you.

At the Dermatologic Surgery Center in Northeast Ohio near Akron, we will help you achieve your dream of beautiful lashes. With this treatment, you will be flaunting your long lashes in no time. Our clinic stays at the top of aesthetic news and treatments to bring you quality aesthetic medications.

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