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Dermatology Surgery and Cosmetics of NE Ohio will be available for minor injuries and medical needs. Cuts, burns, anything needing stitches, and most importantly wound care for your elderly family members. Let’s keep everyone out of urgent care and the ERs so those resources are available for the COVID-19 outbreak. We are currently still planning to be open on a limited basis to help the community. We also offer virtual dermatology visits so you can keep your appointment from the comfort and safety of your home. Call the office for information or to set up a virtual visit: 330-239-4350

Massage Instructions Medina

If it has been 6 weeks after your surgery and your physician has indicated that you should massage your incision, please see the following instructions

  • Start at one end of your incision line
  • Place your index finger firmly on the incision line and rub in small circles (the size of a pencil eraser).  Press hard, you cannot hurt your incision.  Stay on this spot for 30 seconds.
  • Move your finger just next to this area and repeat
  • It should take several minutes to firmly massage the entire surgical area.  If the surgical area, just beyond your incision is hard or thick, massage in the same way.
  • Do this twice a day for one month.
  • DO NOT put anything on your scar like vitamin E, as it may cause an allergic reaction.  If you would like some lubrication for the massage use a small amount of vaseline on the end of your finger.

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