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Massage Instructions

If it has been 6 weeks after your surgery and your physician has indicated that you should massage your incision, please see the following instructions

  • Start at one end of your incision line
  • Place your index finger firmly on the incision line and rub in small circles (the size of a pencil eraser).  Press hard, you cannot hurt your incision.  Stay on this spot for 30 seconds.
  • Move your finger just next to this area and repeat
  • It should take several minutes to firmly massage the entire surgical area.  If the surgical area, just beyond your incision is hard or thick, massage in the same way.
  • Do this twice a day for one month.
  • DO NOT put anything on your scar like vitamin E, as it may cause an allergic reaction.  If you would like some lubrication for the massage use a small amount of vaseline on the end of your finger.

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