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Wart Removal

Do you struggle to get rid of warts? No matter how hard you scratch or how much you pick, do your warts stay? Do not fear, the doctor is near–warts are a common problem, and Dermatologic Surgery Center in Medina, OH practices wart removal!

What Causes Warts?

Warts spring up out of nowhere. They are benign protrusions or growths on the skin. They commonly appear on the palms of the hands, feet, fingers, genitals, and bottom of the feet. What causes them make them seem scary–the human papillomavirus (HPV) family! The virus enters the top layer of skin through a tiny scratch or opening and generates what may seem like uncontrollable cell growth. The result is a little mound of cells, that short, familiar stump that makes people shiver to grab and shake your hand. Your coworkers or peers are not completely rash; warts can be contagious!

Aside from biological factors that are hard to control, you may wonder what you do to increase your risk of warts. Every time you shave your beard or your legs, you create those little cuts that are the perfect breeding ground for the virus. Moreover, biting fingernails may even raise your risk! No wonder your mother used to instruct you to quit that.

Who is Susceptible?

Children seem to get warts more frequently, with the theory being that they have not had as much exposure to variations of the HPV virus and thus are less resistant to the virus. However, anyone can contract it. If you rarely wash your hands, you may have a greater risk of getting warts.

Finally, How To Get Rid of Warts

Do you have hard, rough, and bumpy pieces of skin identifiable as warts? Do your warts not respond to over-the-counter medications, such as salicylic acid? Do they respond, but keep coming back? It may be time to visit DSC then! Our dermatologist has special techniques to get rid of warts, and we have seen plenty in our office. We can freeze the wart with liquid nitrogen, using a spray that will create a blister around the wart and cause it to fall off. We may even administer a shot there to boost the immune system. We can try burning the wart off, or even slicing it. We can apply salicylic acid. The list goes on and on! Depending on how long you have had the warts and how many, we will adapt our approach.

At DSC in Medina, Ohio, we take care of your warts. Our staff, headed by Jennifer L. Popovsky, MD, will address any concerns you have and create a personalized plan for you. If you are tired of dealing with warts, we can help you remove them!

If your warts hurt, itch, bleed, or burn, please contact us.

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